What is Hybrid?

hybrid carOur world is worth protecting.  Global warming will only become a greater problem in the days to come, because we continue to expel emissions and toxic chemicals into our atmosphere.  Despite the fact that policies such as the Clean Air Act have enabled us to reduce the numbers significantly, air pollution is still a huge problem.  Out of the 319 million people who live in this country, 132 million of them are at risk for serious health problems, such as heart and lung disease (more…)

Exploring Hybridization

hybridWe’ve talked a little about hybridization.  But do we truly understand what it means to hybridize technologies?  Is it really as simple as throwing different concepts together and seeing what fits?  Or are hybrid technologies a fusion of different parts working in sync to create something better?  (more…)

The Rundown On Renewable Energy

renewable energyIf global warming was a problem that could be solved only one way, then we would have long ago accepted it, figured it out, and solved it.  The fact of the matter is, it’s not a problem with an easy solution.  But that doesn’t change the fact that it is a problem. (more…)

Unusual Green Technologies

green technologyWe can all generally agree that concern for our environment is why we’re all here.  We all want to work to find solutions that helps us reduce pollution and emissions, conserve waste, and take us away from relying on finite resources.  Through conservation efforts and improving technology, industries across the board have saved costs and become more efficient.  (more…)

A Different Shade of Green

LED bulb greenMy roommate Jay has been giving me frequent updates on the status of his office’s renovations- in an attempt to “go green”.  So far, they’ve gotten rid of the copy machines, they have redone the lighting with energy-efficient LED bulbs, and they’ve started incorporating biodegradable products into (more…)